Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Parenting is sprinkled with moments. Moments when you want to tear your hair out, moments when you want to lock all your children in their rooms, and moments when you just want to run away. *BUT* it is also filled with moments of unfathomable love, moments of pure joy, moments when you just can't kiss your babies enough, moments when your heart is bursting with pride, and moments like this when you feel complete and utter contentment. I had been reading to the three youngest kids and I had to get up to answer the phone or something. When I came back in, Devon and Renie were taking turns reading aloud to Jesse and each other. They were happy and not fighting, thoroughly engrossed in the book. Definitely a sweet moment.

Zoo Trip

Last Friday Lincoln was able to accompany Renie's class on the kindergarten field trip to the zoo. I wasn't there, so I don't have any details, but here are some pictures from the trip.

Spring Soccer

Soccer season is almost over but I FINALLY remembered to take some pictures. During the fall season, Kennedy's team didn't win a single game. In fact, they didn't even score a single goal until the last game! This spring, with the same exact team, they are undefeated. What? And in last Saturday's game, she scored her first goal! Julia and Devon's teams having been doing very well also. Julia has one more game and I would be so happy for her if she scored her first goal!