Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Fun

We've been enjoying the season. We went last weekend to Wisconsin Dells as a Christmas gift for the kids. We opened gifts there to minimize the stuff we have to haul to NY and back. Wisconsin Dells is a town about an hour from here that boasts it is the "Waterpark Capital of the Country". There are tons of outdoor and indoor waterparks as well as lakes and boat tours and general water related stuff to do. We stayed in Glacier Canyon Lodge so we had a fireplace and a full kitchen. GCL is part of The Wilderness Resort. There are three indoor parks there with wave pools, body slides, and tube and raft slides. It was exhausting (keeping an eye on five kids in a place like that can really fray your nerves) but TONS of fun. A special treat for us was meeting up with Stephanie Sorensen and her kids there. The Sorensens are friends of ours from NC who now live in Minnesota. It was a lot of fun to see their growing family.

Since then we've been frantically making goodies to give to friends, baking Christmas cookies, attending Holiday parties and washing laundry-constantly ALL DAY LONG. On Tuesday Julia came home from school and went into my bedroom. She came out and said, "Are you packing for NY?" "No," I replied "not yet." "What's all that stuff in your room then?" Turns out she was referring to all the UNpacking I was still working on from our trip to the Dells. Yup, lots to do.

Some of our Christmas Cookie Masterpieces. If you look closely at the last picture you'll realize Lincoln was trying to capture Jesse's spot of choice- my feet. He is currently in that stage where he is constantly underfoot. Either crawling between my legs wanting to be held or happily clinging to them so he can "walk" as I do. By baby #5, I've really gotten quite used to it and am actually quite proficient at performing a great many tasks with a pre-walker attached to my lower appendages.

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