Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Peck's Market

Saturday we made our way up to Peck's Farm Market. We go there each fall, usually in conjunction with grape picking and apple purchasing. This year, unfortunately, we missed grape season. The farm we usually go to for grapes and apples had a fire on October 10th. Apparently the orchard and vineyard are OK, it was the buildings that burned. They closed down for the rest of the season but hope to be open next year. I'm so sad! I'm not sure if we would have made it there before the end of grape season anyway, but I hope the damage was not too extensive and that they will indeed be up and running by next fall.

We enjoyed our time at Peck's, as usual. Next year, I hope I remember that Peck's Farm Market EAST has the free "train" ride.

DO NOT pay for the train at Peck's Market WEST. It is shorter and costs a dollar per rider.

Peck's Market West DOES have more kiddie activities, many free, some for a dollar.

Oh yeah, and the corn maze is better AND cheaper at Peck's Market EAST. So you really have to go to both of them.

Saturday night we made caramel apples with a new caramel recipe and apples from Peck's.

Monday night we picked out our pumpkins and Tuesday night we carved them.

Tonight we are off to the Trunk or Treat at church, then the kids are off school Thursday and Friday, and Friday night is our Halloween party at our house. Busy busy, but fun fun!

(For more pictures from Peck's, go on over to my other blog, Pieces of Molly.)

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