Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My New Year's Resolution

Blogland is filled with posts of New Years Resolutions these days. I'm not against resolutions. In fact, I think the beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on where we are and to contemplate where we want to go in terms of personal growth. Goals are a positive format for pushing ourselves to be more than we currently are. They give us direction and a plan of attack. I am sure that I will set some goals for myself in terms of exercise and organization, but my main thought and subsequent resolution has been this, To Be Content.

This year, instead of agonizing over the five pounds I want to drop, I am going to be content with the fact that I weigh 135 pounds, instead of 235, or even instead of 136 pounds. Or instead of 55 pounds, like that model that recently lost her life to anorexia.

This year, instead of getting worked up about the constant mess and chaos around here, I will be content with the fact that I have five healthy, happy, kids who run in and out of this house.

This year, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the mountains of laundry- dirty, clean, folded, stacked, or otherwise, I resolve to be grateful and content that we have so many nice clothes to wear.

Instead of spending my time longing for a house in the country, I will be grateful for the beautiful home that we have that keeps us warm and safe.

I know I have been blessed greatly, and I simply want to more actively appreciate what I have been given. I want to spend more time living in the moment and finding humor in the unexpected. I find myself wanting my children to behave perfectly, my house to stay clean and tidy, my husband to read my mind. I want to be skinnier, want to feed my family a perfect, well-balanced meal three times a day, want to organize every aspect of our lives. But trying so hard for all that means that I get grumpy, because, realistically, it's just not possible. I knew an elderly woman in Georgia who had had 8 kids in 9 years. She told me that she was very particular about how her kids looked. They were always neat and tidy. She ironed every piece of their clothing, right down to their underwear. Her house was always immaculate and she managed what is impossible for me. But she also told me that she was filled with regret that she didn't spend more time with her kids, just enjoying them. She told me she spent so much time and effort taking care of them, she never had time to play with them. I don't want to have that kind of regret. (Disclaimer- I am no where near as good as her at keeping things clean and organized. No. Where. Just sayin'.)

So, long story short, I resolve to be content. And it really shouldn't be hard because I have been blessed in myriad ways.


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

this is great Molly. Good goals and good points. :)

Anonymous said...

Molly, I just LOVE this blog post! You put my thoughts and feelings into words... It is so easy to want 'just a little more' than we have. The resolution to be content is the best one I've heard yet!


jo said...

Hear, hear! We could all benefit from a little more of this kind of resolution.

Traci said...

well said!!!! I'm going to think about this post for a while to come. :)
Happy new year!

Janet said...

Can I just steal this? No, really. I think it's a brilliant resolution, especially in this world of Entitlement.

Molly, you're so cool! :)