Monday, March 14, 2011

The Latest at Chateau Tatro

Well, my friends, here we are, halfway through March, and life continues to fly by. By the end of this week, the snow should all be gone and the earth will be stretching and rubbing her sleepy eyes. Of course we'll get more snow, but that doesn't change the fact that the awakening is happening. Once again, daylight savings comes just in time to invigorate my weary soul. The days continue to lengthen and at the conclusion of yet another winter, I'm left wondering if I need to move somewhere warmer. And yet, at the same time, I also find myself thinking that the seasons pass so quickly, even the 5-6 month winter. Once again, I conclude that a sunny vacation in January might be all I need.
So as we rush through March, I am struck by the fact that things will just continue to speed up and get more hectic from here right on through the end of the school year. Kennedy is in the middle school's production of The Fierce Pirate Frank, (I actually can't quite remember the name of the play. But it's some thing like that), and will continue to have play practice leading up to the show in mid-April. Last week, we attended her Spring Pops Concert and I kept thinking, weren't we JUST here for the winter concert? And in other Kennedy news, spring soccer season begins soon. We'll be saying good-bye to our Saturdays once again.

On the Julia front, look soon for haircut pictures. Tomorrow she has a dentist appointment, and afterward she plans to get her hair cut very very short. Also this month, her dance and cheerleading class at Lands' End concluded with a recital. Julia is a really good dancer and I'd like to get her into a studio.

Devon started piano lessons last month. He has mixed feelings about it. Most of the time he's very excited about it, but if he's tired or grumpy he says he wants to quit. He's always excited afterward, though. On Friday we attended his music program at the school. I was happy to see a bit more enthusiasm from him this time. He actually sang and did the motions. He's really come a long way!

My little Renie lost her first tooth! I can't believe it! Unfortunately, she apparently swallowed it. It went the way of the grilled cheese sandwich she had for dinner. Luckily, the Tooth Fairy took pity on her after reading her sweet note, so she still received compensation.

And the other big news of the month is that Jesse learned how to write his name. I know that it isn't really that impressive that a four year old can write his name. What IS impressive, I think, is that he figured it out all on his own. No one has ever sat down with him and showed him how to make the letters. He just suddenly could do it. He first wrote it in the dirt on the side of my car. (See? I keep my car filthy for educational purposes!) I was very amazed and impressed, so I challenged him to write it with a marker when he went to his preschool class. Sure enough, he was able to do it. (I talked to his teachers and they tell me that they haven't done it with him either.) My smart little baby.

So that's the latest. This week I'll be hosting a baby shower at my home and making the cake for the shower. I'm really excited to make the cake and decorations. Fun stuff! Pictures from the event will probably go up on my other blog, Pieces of Molly.

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