Sunday, July 10, 2011

Strawberry Picking 2011, With Lauren!

In June, my niece, Lauren, and her two beautiful babies came to visit. It was so great to get to spend two whole weeks with them. I got to cuddle and kiss babies and reconnect with Lauren. Her visit coincided with strawberry season, so one morning we packed up the crew and went strawberry picking. I always look forward to this, but this year I was a bit disappointed. The strawberries weren't that great. I could have gotten better ones at Costco for less money--without being out in the hot field. But then we wouldn't have these great memories. Plus I like to support the local farmer.

This year I only made freezer jam. My family prefers it over the canned- at least with strawberry.

I had a helper this year. He came to the show a bit late, but he helped me fill jars.

Our freezer is now stocked with strawberry jam. Next up- Raspberry!

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Erin said...

Lauren has two kids? When the crap did that happen? I could have sworn she was still 17! :)