Sunday, July 10, 2011

Madison Children's Museum

One hot and humid afternoon while Lauren was here, we decided to go to the Children's Museum in Madison. Our family had not been since it was redone a year or so ago. We had a lot of fun checking out the new exhibits. My cousin, Karen and her family joined us.

Walter loved the baby pit.

The big kids- right on up to Alexis who is 15- enjoyed the awesome play structure. Seriously, it was so cool.

Marley liked anything she could "drive".

Lauren and her kiddos.

Marley and her fan club.

Jesse sucked Orion into watching the electric train with him. Jesse could have watched that train for hours.

See? Cool, right?

Another fun outing. We managed to cram lots of fun stuff into the two weeks Lauren was here. More to come!

Governor Dodge State Park

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is to go to the state park and splash around in the lake. This year we have not been as often because the gnats are unbelievable this year! In the four years we have lived here I have hardly noticed a single gnat until this year- and now they are everywhere. I hate it. They are especially bad at the state park. Once you get down the hill and out of the grass into the sand, the gnats aren't as bad. Coming down the hill, though, you literally walk through clouds of them.

The day we went with Lauren I was actually more concerned about a horse fly that kept buzzing around the baby. After his nap, though, he was able to join us at the lake and leave the horse fly behind.

I love the rolls! It's the Michelin Tire Man!

A Sad Sad Day

On day one of Marley's visit here, she got dropped face first in my driveway. If these pictures don't break your heart you are dead inside.

Strawberry Picking 2011, With Lauren!

In June, my niece, Lauren, and her two beautiful babies came to visit. It was so great to get to spend two whole weeks with them. I got to cuddle and kiss babies and reconnect with Lauren. Her visit coincided with strawberry season, so one morning we packed up the crew and went strawberry picking. I always look forward to this, but this year I was a bit disappointed. The strawberries weren't that great. I could have gotten better ones at Costco for less money--without being out in the hot field. But then we wouldn't have these great memories. Plus I like to support the local farmer.

This year I only made freezer jam. My family prefers it over the canned- at least with strawberry.

I had a helper this year. He came to the show a bit late, but he helped me fill jars.

Our freezer is now stocked with strawberry jam. Next up- Raspberry!