Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Letter 2014

Season's greetings from the Tatro Family!

It has been another crazy year for the Tatros.  After spending the first half of the year in Bainbridge Island, WA, the death of Lincoln's grandmother this summer caused us to prayerfully reconsider our decision to live so far away from family.  Only Lincoln was able to attend her memorial service.  Although the circumstances were less than ideal, Lincoln was able to spend some quality time with his family and was even in town for the birth of his great-niece.  Right at this same time, a friend from Wisconsin approached Lincoln about returning to work at Lands End.  He began the interview process in the middle of hosting company, (my cousin Jessica and her family came from Las Vegas), an exchange student from Japan, and our friends, the Daines from Portland.  By the end of the summer, we had accepted a job back at Lands End, and everyone but Lincoln moved back right before school started.  Lincoln began work the first week of October and we were very happy to all be reunited.  Right before Thanksgiving we closed on our house, a 100 year old farmhouse on the edge of town with a few acres.  We have been settling in and are looking forward to getting started on home improvement projects after the holidays and getting a few animals in the spring.

So, here is the run-down:

Lincoln- Happy to be back at Lands End.  Enjoying the benefits of the fitness facility, running or playing racquetball most days after work.  He is serving in the Young Men's youth program at church.

Molly- Also enjoying the benefits of the fitness facility and loving being in our own home again.  Anxious to get the projects started and looking forward to having a big garden again.  She is serving in the Relief Society Presidency (women's group) at church.

Kennedy-15  A sophomore this year.  Enjoying playing flute in the band at school and learning the piccolo as well.  She missed volleyball tryouts this year, but is looking forward to soccer in the spring.

Julia-13  8th grade.  This year Julia tried cheerleading for the first time and she LOVES it.  She just finished cheering season for boys basketball and after winter break will cheer for girls basketball.  After a rough couple of years in WA, we were very proud of her for making honor roll first quarter. 

Devon- 10 5th grade  This year Devon began learning the cello.  He is also looking forward to beginning piano lessons again.  He is almost done with Webelos in the cub scout program.  He is having a hard time being as motivated about cub scouts here in WI, so we're trying to push him through to completion.

Irene-9 4th grade.  Renie is also learning cello this year.  The cello is almost as big as she is, which has caused her to have second thoughts from time to time, but hopefully she will stick it out.  She loves stuffed animals and her collection is taking over her queen-sized bed.

Jesse-7 2nd grade.  Jesse had a lot of fun playing flag football this fall and is now having even more fun playing basketball.  He is quite the comedian and is known in his class for his sense of humor and his sweet dance moves.

I have been thinking a lot this holiday season about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I truly believe that everything Christ taught boils down to one thing: Love.  The greatest way to show love to one another is to serve, and if we serve others, we will discover our love for them.  My goal, and challenge I would share with you, is to look for ways to serve others in small and every day interactions and in so doing, you will find true happiness and joy.

Much love to you and yours in the coming year,

The Tatros
Lincoln, Molly, Kennedy, Julia, Devon, Irene, Jesse


Brooke said...

I hope you pick back up on blogging. It's fun to see pictures of your life on instagram, but I'd also love to read your thoughts & experiences. We sure miss your family here on BI.

merathon said...

great to read your update-- i think you need to change your blog header now that you're back in Wisconsin! i want to see pics of this 100 year old farmhouse! i LOVE old houses-- it is my dream to remodel one someday! for now, my sister bought an 1890's farmhouse in Kansas, so i am living vicariously through her!