Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Caboose is Four!

My beautiful baby boy has turned four. What a sweet little boy he is! He is always ready to show some love to his mama. Hugs, kisses, snuggles, I love yous, they all flow freely for Mommy. What more could a mommy ask for in her baby?

It took us a while to find out what Jesse wanted for his birthday dinner. Every time we asked him, he told us he wanted a Thomas cake. We assured him he could have that, but what did he want for dinner? Cake. I finally led him to say he wanted chicken nuggets and french fries. I know that's probably his favorite thing to eat, so I figured we'd just go with it. At Lincoln's suggestion, I decided to make them from actual potatoes and chicken breast. So glad I did. It was really yummy.

I found a great inspiration cake online. I was prepared to make a roundhouse with Thomas and Percy coming out of it. Then, two days before his birthday he decided he wanted a Buzz Lightyear cake. So I made a plan and made a Buzz Lightyear cake. He LOVED it. As I was working on it he pulled up a stool to watch for a bit. He smiled, gave me a little pat on the back, and told me what a great job I was doing. It was after I had taken pictures that Renie pointed out that i had forgotten the big red button on his chest.

After the birthday fun, Lincoln and I put the kids to bed, left Kennedy in charge, and drove to the front of the neighborhood to dig out his car that he abandoned in a drift on his way home. In whiteout conditions, it was pretty hard to avoid the drifts and he buried the car in it. By the time we went back, four hours later, it was pretty solidly ensconced. The wind was whipping stinging bits of snow against us as we dug. There was at least a foot of snow in the road. At first, the car felt like it was frozen in place. We dug some more, tried some more, pushed some more, dug some more, tried some more, etc etc, and suddenly it started to move, ever so slightly. Eventually, I was able to rock it out, with Lincoln digging a path to the clearer part of the road. Once I had it moving, I just kept on going. On the hill in front of our house, it got stuck again briefly, but I was able to get it moving again without any digging or pushing.

I've go to say, this is one fantastic storm. I don't remember seeing a storm like this before. It's a true blue blizzard.

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