Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sickie household

Well, it's been about a week now since Lincoln started getting sick. There rest of us decided to join him later in the week. On saturday I was feeling really miserable, but I took some Ibuprophen and headed to Milwaukee with Lincoln to watch the Syracuse/Marquette college basketball game. We had purchased the tickets a couple months ago, so we weren't about to let a raging fever keep us from using them! It was a very frustrating game, with Syracuse going down by 10 points pretty quickly in the first half. It took them the entire second half to pick away at that lead. They tied it up a couple times, but never managed to secure a lead. It was interesting to be in hostile territory. Not a lot of Syracuse fans there, it turns out. Between the pep band, the yelling, and the frustration, I thought my poor aching head was going to explode. But--it was a fun afternoon out with my favorite guy.

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