Sunday, February 24, 2013

Devon's Birthday

This past week we celebrated Devon's 9th birthday.  It really is truly amazing how quickly the years slide by.  One more year to double digits.  I am very proud of the responsible young man he is.  Since our move to Washington he has been able to participate in Cub Scouts through the church and it has been a very positive experience for him.  It really fits his personality.  He likes having a handbook with specific instructions to follow, loves wearing a uniform, and delights in having a code of honor to obey. 

Because we got a late start, and his parents are Cub Scout greenies, we barely made it, but did succeed in passing off all his requirements for Wolf.  He is now a Bear and ready to tackle the new requirements quickly so he can do the fun arrow point activities.

Once again, Devon requested a Harry Potter cake for his birthday.  Sadly, I procrastinated so long (I was honestly really busy) that I had to make the entire cake the day of his birthday.  To top it off, the kids were on mid-winter break from school, so I had a houseful of kids here while I was trying to work on it as well.  That does not make for my best work.  The good news is that he asked for chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, so I knew that even if it didn't look amazing, it would taste amazing.  He did not want fondant over the entire thing either.  That makes for a not so tidy cake, but yummier.  (Final battle between Voldemort and Harry.  Trees represent Forbidden Forest, bricks represent Hogwarts in shambles.  Very conceptual.  ;) )

The real life-saver of the day was his birthday dinner request: Sub sandwiches and boxed macaroni shells and cheese.  Dinner required almost no prep time. 

Devon had been asking for a suit coat for quite some time, so I started checking thrift stores for one several weeks, maybe even a couple months ago.  Finally, the week before his birthday, I found one at Goodwill that I thought might work.  I dropped it off at the dry cleaners and hoped it would fit him.  I also picked up a new white shirt for him.  Luckily, the coat fit, but probably won't for long.  I can't keep up with this growing boy!  He was so excited when he opened it up. 

Another thing he has been asking for FOREVER, is a new wand.  Last year for his birthday, my cousin Karen had made him a wooden wand carved from one of those oversize pencils.  He loved it and carried it everywhere with him.  One day he jumped off the stone wall and the wand broke.  We taped it up and repaired it as long as we could, but it finally had to be thrown away.  I then gave him a wand that I had originally purchased for his birthday, but never gave him because of the cool wooden one he got from Karen.  It was a plastic one that lit up and made sounds.  Totally cheesy.  That was sufficient for a while, but he actually didn't like the bells and whistles much, or the plastic look of it.  He kept asking me to call Karen and have her make him a new one.  I decided I would make him one for Christmas, but never got around to it.  I put him off for a couple more months, during which time he finished reading the Harry Potter books and then watched the final movies.  That's when I got the idea to make him an elder wand.

 My efforts were worth it.  He loves the wand and proclaimed it his favorite gift--which is saying something since he also received a couple Lego sets. 

So birthday #9 was a big success, and our first little boy is not so little anymore. 

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