Sunday, February 24, 2013

Midwinter Break

Since we are saving money for closing costs on the sale of our house in Wisconsin, we decided that midwinter break would be a staycation this year.  Obviously, the goal was to spend very little money, but to get the kids out having some fun so they really felt like they were on vacation, not just sitting around the house for a week.
We kicked things off on Friday night with a campfire complete with s'mores, followed up by a family movie night.
On Saturday we went to Fort Ward Park to see sea creatures.  Kennedy had seen an announcement at school that there would be divers at the park for a couple hours, bringing up creatures for people to see.  We figured it was a great FREE opportunity, so we went over to check it out.  It was so fun!  This is a great example of the amazing opportunities our kids have living here.  This was so far removed from anything I could have experienced growing up.  Julia dreams of becoming a marine biologist.  What better place to live than on an island surrounded by marine life? 

 Moon Snail- Sometimes the foot would be out so far the entire shell would be covered.
 Disembodied sea flower leg clinging to Julia's finger.  She eventually had to scrape it off because it wouldn't let go.
 We saw spider crabs, hermit crabs, mottled starfish, leather stars, sea flowers, squid eggs, moon snails, a sea slug, a flatfish, and a (dead) jellyfish.

 Tuesday we celebrated Devon's birthday and the kids played at the park for a while.  Wednesday we went with friends to the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, WA.  It's a drive-thru park and you feed the animals from your car as you drive through.  The kids had a blast.  They laughed and screamed and giggled like crazy. 

After the game farm we had a picnic at a park in Sequim.  The kids played on the playground and chased the hundreds of ducks around.  After lunch we walked on the beach near the Dungeness Spit.  (Pictures are out of order because I'm sick of trying to fix them.  Sorry.)

Julia thought her hand was going to be lunch for this bison.  Their tongues are VERY long (and scratchy) and right after this picture was taken, he wrapped his tongue around her wrist.  She screamed and pulled it back and laughed and laughed.
I love this picture my friend Lindsey captured.  I'm not sure what the bison had just done to elicit this expression from me, but it is priceless.  Also?  He is huge.  I'm in an SUV, not a low car.   
I also love the look on Jesse's face in this picture.
The waving bear.  Not waving.
Yak wants bread.
On Friday the kids and I headed in to Seattle.  We took the ferry to Seattle, then walked up the waterfront to the Aquarium. 
 We have a membership there, so it was no additional cost.  Jesse LOVES the octopus.  He would sit and watch it for hours.

After the aquarium, we walked to the Westlake station in Seattle and caught the monorail.  The kids really enjoyed the ride, but it is very short.
The monorail takes you to the base of the Space Needle.  From there, it is a straight shot down to Lincoln's building at Amazon.
Unfortunately, we discovered that there is a major road cutting through there with a concrete wall divider.  We couldn't cross.  We had to hang a right, walk several block in that direction to where we could cross, cross the street, then walk back the several blocks to the road that leads to Amazon.  Except we got back to that street and there was no crosswalk.  It was a busy and wide enough street that I didn't want to try to cross it with five kids and no crosswalk, so we had to go down another block, cross, and then proceed toward Amazon.  When we got to the correct cross street, we turned and walked the block back to the intersection Lincoln had told us to meet him at.  The kids were exhausted at this point.  And don't let the sunshine fool you; it was cold and windy.  Luckily, we were able to ride an Amazon shuttle back to the Pikes Place area.  When we got out, the wind was blowing even harder, the sun was getting lower, and it was dang cold.  We walked down to the waterfront and took the kids to Red Robin for dinner.  I forgot to mention that I was sick.  I had a terrible sore throat and headache.  The medicine I had taken in the morning had left me a bit woozy  and dizzy.  I was so happy to sit down in Red Robin with my Baja Turkey Club sandwich and french onion soup.  From Red Robin it is just a short walk to the ferry terminal.  We arrived home thoroughly exhausted, but it was a fun day.

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