Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Project I've Been Working On...

I wish you could really get an idea of how nasty these were from the before pictures. They were chippy, mildewy, stinky, and stained. Perhaps if you click on the picture of the chair you'll get a better idea. But I loved the lines and WOW! these things are solid! I scrubbed, sanded, painted, and recovered them. I tried to go with a fun, colorful look since these are for playing games in the basement. I bought the set for $40 on Craigs List. All the paint I already owned. The vinyl for the seats cost about $2.50. So the big expense was the slipcover to cut up for the fabric seat covers. I bought a couch slipcover (the same as the one on my couch) and have been using it for different projects in the basement.

I actually sanded off the entire tabletop finish and restained in a darker, red mahogany.

My favorite detail is the tie on the back.

And that $20 Craigs List dresser in the background? Watch for a makeover of that as well.


Shanda said...

Wow, that was a ton of work! I'm impressed. I usually get burnt out on sanding after 4 minutes.

merathon said...

nice job! a ton of work but a great pay-off!

Longhurst Family said...

You rock. It's looks great. I can't wait to see the finished project. love,

Lindsay said...

Great work! Love the colors, and that you left to top wood. Beeeeutiful. Cute blog! I just came across it.
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Lindsay said...

Looks awesome! Can't believe what an improvement. I know that was a lot of work to make the table look that good. Cute blog, I just came across it :)
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