Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jesse's Birthday...Finally.

My baby is three. I just keep saying that over and over. My baby is three. It's the strangest feeling. Because my kids have all come so close together, my baby has never been three before. By the time any of my kids turned three, there was another child in the family to take over the title of baby. So here we are. He is such a sweet, loving, delightful child. He loves to randomly come up and hug or snuggle me and almost always when he does, he says, "I'm your best friend and you're my best friend!" He kisses me and nuzzles me, and tells me he loves me. What more could you ask for in your youngest child? I've always wondered how on earth moms could be so sad about their kids going off to school. But I'm beginning to understand as my last child approaches that age. Of course, I also know that 3 is generally the hardest age, so maybe I'll be back to looking forward to him going. Of course, we also will have more bonding time than I've had with any other of my children. It will be just the two of us next year while everyone else is in full day school.

I made Jesse a Thomas-themed cake again this year. Since I did Thomas himself last year,

I decided that this time I would do the island of Sodor and place one of his engines in the scene. I did just a basic representation of the island, but Jesse loved it. After I was done making the cake, he spent the rest of the afternoon using it as a train table, driving his engines around it and through the tunnel.

He was very proud to announce that his Mom made his Thomas cake, and it made me feel good to see him so happy. Birthday cakes are definitely a labor of love for me so it makes me infinitely happy when they are so appreciated.

Happy Birthday, my sweet sweet boy! I am so grateful that Heavenly Father saw fit to send us one more spirit to finish our family and to bring even more joy into our lives!

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Erin said...

well done on the Sodor cake Molly!