Thursday, February 4, 2010

Monster Trucks...

Last weekend Devon and Lincoln had a guys night out to go see the Monster Truck Nationals. This is something we've talked about taking Devon to for a while now. Last year when they were in town, Lincoln almost took him, but didn't quite get around to doing it. In the end we were relieved because that night a guy was run over and killed at the show. Everyone was buzzing about it and we knew a couple people who were there. It was pretty awful.
So why would we take Devon this year after that? Well, statistics, I guess. What were the odds that it would happen again, at the same arena, a year later? Not likely. So the boys went with another father/son duo we're friends with.

Devon had fun, but apparently those trucks are pretty loud even when you have earplugs in.

They didn't get home until 11pm and Devon was exhausted, but it was a fun male-bonding experience and perhaps a new tradition. Next year maybe Jesse can go too!

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