Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kindergarten Program

It's always amusing to watch Kindergartners perform. Case in point: Check out the following picture, randomly snapped during the program. I was watching Devon and his shy, barely there motions. But look at the treasures I managed to capture. First of all, the boy in the front with his finger up his nose. Predictable? Yes. But still funny. Then there is the kid yawning in the back. And the kid in the front staring off into space. The girl to the right of Devon was quite a little performer, not that you can tell in this picture, but take my word for it.

Renie got to come watch the program with her class.

Here are some of those shy dance moves I referred to.

Devon told me that sometimes he likes to just mouth sing (aka lipsinc). I told him I didn't think he was singing very loudly and he told me he didn't need to because everyone else was singing loud. Wow, a 6 year old concerned about overkill. Who woulda thunk? This did give me a little insight into his music grade. On his report his music teacher put down that his voice was "not meeting grade level expectations". This really surprised me because he is really a pretty good singer. He has a good ear and can carry a tune well. But I guess if he's just not singing at school, it would be kind of difficult for his teacher to know that. Devon has had some minor anxiety issues for a while and is pretty shy at first. Recently, however, I think he has really started to overcome some of this and do some things that would have been very difficult for him a year ago. My boy is growing up. Birthday post to come soon!

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