Monday, November 12, 2012

House Tour Continued

Yesterday I shared the main living areas of the house.  Today I'll show you the bathrooms and family room.
Standing in front of the fireplace looking the opposite direction of the kitchen, you see this hallway.  The door you see where the hall turns is the master bedroom.  At the end of the hallway is the office, and across from the master is the guest room.  Closer to the living room end of the hall on the left is the main floor bathroom.  Sadly, it is also the master bathroom.  Other than the lack of a garage, this is probably my biggest complaint about this house.  But it's really not a big deal.  The master bath also being the guest bath is much better than the kids' bathroom doubling as a guest bath like at our last house. 

And here it is.  I like all the tile and the decent size walk in shower.  There is a pocket door to the right (just before the striped towel that's hanging) which leads to the master bedroom closet.

Lots of mirrors and storage has been great.

Back to the stairs now.  On the landing is this cute dutch door that leads out to additional deck space.

This is a view looking up from the basement. 

This is from the doorway to the family room.We left all of our cheapo, craigslist bookshelves behind, so we were very excited about all the built in shelves here!
 Down that hallway are a couple bedrooms and another full bath.  From where I was standing when I took this picture, if you turn left, there is another bedroom.

I think I'd like to put a narrow table and a couple chairs back here.  Not sure about that yet.  I have done absolutely nothing to organize or decorate these shelves yet.  All we did was pull books out of boxes and cram them on here.

I love the huge windows (again).  In this picture below, you can see the little hallway and little bit of the pink curtains on Julia's room.

And lastly, for today, the downstairs bathroom.  This bathroom has some interesting features, like the terra cotta tile and the mosaic tile on the counter, the dresser style storage, and the bit of natural light.  But if I owned this house I think I would gut this bathroom and start over.  The tub is a pain- I hate that style of sliding doors, I'd much rather have a curtain, the toilet seems to always leak somewhere, and that mosaic and terra cotta tile is not fun to clean.
 I have to say, though, that all that storage is nice with 5 kids sharing this bathroom.

Next tour will be the yard.  And one of these days, I'll share the bedrooms.

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Audrey said...

wow! what a great home. that's a beautiful part of the country too. (i use to live in B.C. Canada :) )