Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our New Home

Making a major move across country can be very difficult, just ask my 13 year old daughter.  But moving to a place as beautiful as Bainbridge Island makes it just a little bit easier.  I want to take my camera with me everywhere I go snapping pictures.  I love being surrounded by water and mountains.  I love having quick and easy access to Seattle, then coming home to this quiet island.  I love that our rental house is at the end of a dirt road, surrounded by trees.  I have been promising my sister a photo tour of the house and today is the day. 

Let's start at the front door. 

I love the entry of this house.  The full glass door and full length windows are fantastic.  Most houses here in the northwest are built to maximize the light, since there is very little of it through the long rainy season.  This house is no exception.  But what I also like about the entry is that even though there are lots of windows, you can't see into the main living area.
As you walk in the door and look to the left, this is what you see. 

The doorway to the right leads to the kitchen, the stairs lead down to the basement.  Standing over by the stairs and looking back toward the door, you see a super cute boy!  The coat closet is there to the right, and to the left is the living room.

Looking back at the view out the front windows.

So, let's go to the left, through to the kitchen.
From the doorway:

Stepping in and looking to the left.  I love the big window over the sink.  Thanks to it, and two skylights, the kitchen is very bright.

I also love the vaulted ceiling in the main living area.

This is looking back at the kitchen from the end of the dining area.

And looking at the dining area.  It isn't huge, but it is big enough for our large table.  You can see the sliding glass door that leads out to the deck.  And again, the big windows.

And looking back at the kitchen.

And looking toward the living room.  Notice the continuation of the windows.

Standing at the end of the dining area looking into the living room.  I love the hardwood floors and the wood ceiling.  To the right, where my rustic door is leaning, leads back around to the front door.

I also love the fireplace here.  It has been a long time since we've had a fireplace, and although I love a woodburning one, the convenience of propane is nice too. 

This picture gives a good idea of how the whole main floor flows in a circle.

So I think this post is plenty long enough.  More to come another day.  We were thoroughly prepared to be crammed in a small space while we were renting, so we have been so pleased to be in this larger home. 


merathon said...

your place is amazing! love the floors, the soaring wood ceilings and all the light. very cool.

Michelle said...

I love it! Everything looks so great! I hope I can see it in person soon! :)