Monday, May 27, 2013

Point No Point

Today after church we decided to drive up to Point No Point Lighthouse.  It is one of my favorite beaches here because it is sandy and covered with driftwood.  I also just really love its location, on an open part of the Sound.  Today we got a special treat.  As we arrived we discovered a baby seal on the beach!

 He was alive, apparently just resting.  A lady there said that often the mother seals will push their babies up onto the beach to rest while the mother fishes nearby.

So sleepy.

 He did get back into the water a couple times but then returned to the beach.  We spotted the mama just off shore occasionally, keeping an eye on junior.
A large ship had passed through before we arrived, so we got to enjoy some pretty big waves for a few minutes.  I'm always amazed at how long it takes the waves to reach shore, and how far they will travel without dying out.

As usual, the kids had a blast playing in the driftwood forts.

Driftwood teeter-totter.

And Lincoln had fun spotting birds... this bald eagle.

 We even bumped into Jesse's teacher at the beach.  Jesse was really funny about seeing her out of context like that.  He was very shy with her.



A beautiful fun afternoon.

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