Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Just Love This Kid!

This boy brings me such joy. He is always so happy and cheerful and cute. He loves to hug me, he laughs wholeheartedly and frequently all day long. He wakes up with a smile, hugs me, and asks for "bebest". His favorite saying right now is "Oh maaaaan!" And every time he says it, he expects me to repeat it back to him. Then he laughs. When he needs me to come help him with something, he finds me, tugs on me, beckons, and says, "Come to me," meaning, Come with me. I just can't express what an easy, delightful child he is. I'm beginning to understand how good-natured little boys become Mama's Boys.

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jessica, jessie, or jessi said...

"Oh, Man!" Is one of Eddie's favorite things to say lately, too! It's just so stinkin' cute to hear him say it, LOL! And there's nothing better than still getting random hugs. :)