Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring is Around the Corner...

Today I walked outside and I could hear birds! Yay! The birds are back! Today it is sunny, the sky is clear and blue, and it is 40 whole degrees! It is lovely. It makes me hopeful. I am always amazed at this time of year to see the world go from brown and dead

to rebirth of gorgeous green

in a short month. It is truly a miracle. (OK, maybe these photos are closer to six weeks apart- beginning of March to closer to end of April, but still...) Tomorrow it is supposed to get into the 50s. Of course, we will still have more snow, spring hasn't sprung, but at this point it is survivable.

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Jenn-Lee said...

That is really amazing. That green is beautiful. I am happy you are warming up up there. Yay!