Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's back to school time in America's Dairyland...

Kennedy was the first to leave today. Because she attends 5th grade at a different elementary school, she has to be at the school at 7 am to catch the bus to the other school. (All fifth graders in the district go to the other school.) She will be up and ready to leave by the time the others are waking up.

The next crew leaves the house at 7:30. Lincoln drives them to school on his way to work. That means that handsome little fella in the jammies gets to stay home and have some one on one time with Mommy four mornings a week.

Julia is now in third grade and as of the end of day one, she loves her teacher and is very excited about the school year.

Devon is in kindergarten this year. That means he has made the transition to a full day and full week of school. Though he was reluctant today to go for his 15 minute Meet The Teacher, he overcame his anxiety and says he likes his teacher.

Renie gets to have her first taste of school this year in the Early Learning Program, or 4-K. She will go mornings four days a week. When she gets home she'll have lunch with Jesse and me, then Jesse will go down for a nap and Renie will get afternoon one on one time with Mommy.

Everyone seems excited for the school year, though tomorrow is Devon's first actual day of class and Thursday is Renie's. I think they will both settle in well and have fun this year.


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

They all look so cute and happy. I'm sad you didn't come here for your last hurrah; save us for your next "break." :)

Virginia Burnett said...

7 am?! Isn't that cruel and unusual punishment for everyone involved?

Ug. Maxx's bus comes around 8:30 and that is early enough for us.