Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Family Fun

Saturday we did our 2nd Annual Grape Picking Pecks Market Extravaganza. Well, an abbreviated version of it, anyway. It was sunny, with a hint of cool in the air, about 72 degrees. After doing Saturday morning chores and having lunch, we loaded into the car and drove to Oakwood Fruit Farm. Last year we kind of accidentally stumbled onto this place and ended up loving it. We wandered around a little in the market first, taking advantage of the opportunity to each try a sample apple from the variety of our choice. I had an absolutely perfect Jonamac. Just the right balance of tart and sweet, firm, crisp, bright white flesh, tender and tasty skin. Sooo good. Then after a bit of browsing, we headed out to the vineyard to pick our grapes. I just love being out there on a lovely fall day, the scent of the grapes filling the air. The kids darted around under the leafy vines cutting bunches of grapes that filled our boxes quickly.
It ends up being the perfect amount of pick-your-own fun for our family. It matches the attention span of our little ones perfectly. In no time at all we had 16 pounds of grapes. We carried our boxes back to be weighed, picked out a bushel of apples, and selected some treats we couldn't resist. It has become part of the tradition to buy the kids some yummy caramel apples. Lincoln picked out a box of the best toffee I've ever tasted in my life, and we grabbed a bag of fresh, squeaky cheese curd. We snacked on our treats in the car on the drive to Pecks Farm Market and Petting Zoo. Once we arrived we wandered around feeding the animals, walking through spook houses, playing on the playground, and jumping in the bounce house. This year we even took the horse drawn wagon ride.

We did all that for free. Soo fun, and you can't beat the price! We didn't do the corn maze yet. We're thinking we'll challenge another family to a race through the corn maze later in the season.


merathon said...

love the picture of all your kids in the grapevine!

chari said...

You live in the best place!
{are you boobs bigger?}

Molly said...

If by bigger boobs you mean do I wear a perky padded push up bra, then yes, I do. If by bigger you mean actually bigger, then no.