Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Julia's birthday, baptism, and party

Julia's birthday was August 6th. Since her eighth birthday is a milestone year (getting baptized), she got to have a friend birthday party. What that translates to is several celebrations. A family birthday on the actual day, a friend birthday party, and baptism day and celebration. For her family birthday, I made cupcakes- bugs and frogs.

Julia and Kennedy have birthdays a month apart. This year we got them both tickets to see American Idols Live in Madison.

Carson thoroughly enjoyed the cupcakes and minty ice cream.

On August 9th Julia was baptized. Grandpa gave the talk on baptism, Grandma spoke about the Holy Ghost, Sister Luly Rasmusson gave a prayer, Aunt Nichelle gave a prayer, Julia and Mom did a special musical number, Uncle Jonathan was the accompanist, Daddy confirmed her assisted by Uncle Jonathan, Grandpa, Jim Deitrich, Billy Sandstrom, and Woo Hong.

For Julia's friend party she found a cake online that she liked- bug mountain. Basically a chocolate cake mound made to look like dirt with fake bugs all over it. Not the most beautiful thing. Here's my take on it.

We went to the state park for the party. The idea was to go to the beach and hunt for frogs and go on a scavenger hunt. It was very chilly, however. The kids still got in the water- in their clothes- but when they got out they were pretty cold. The water felt warm because the air was so chilly. So then we had a bunch of wet, freezing kids who had to huddle together to stay warm. We passed on the scavenger hunt. We had grilled hot dogs, potato chips, and lemonade.

Here I'm snuggling a frozen little Renie-boo.

Julia is excited about her Webkin from the Molldrems.

Here's the crew waiting for dinner.

And last, but actually before the gifts and certainly not least, the cake. It was difficult to keep all those fingers out of the cake and all the bugs in place until cake time.

Just as we were finishing up the sun peeked out, too little too late. I think all the kids had fun, though.


merathon said...

i love that she wanted a party with bugs and frogs and not princesses and fairies! i also love that there is someone out there who is ALMOST as behind on posting as i am! will i ever catch up?

chari said...

LOVE this girl! HOw are we old enough to be Baptizing our OWN!???
Ill never forget Christmas 96, when Feroze Iqbal calls and is like, OK I want to be baptized today! That was awesome! Even though we did give up our Christmas day of phone calls home!
remember our tree you decorated?
Ahhhh, and we thought we had stress then!
Love yoU!