Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ELP Playdate With Renie

Those of you who have read along on my blog for the past year or so, know that ELP stands for Early Learning Program. This is the 4 year old kindergarten program at the elementary school here. It's preschool through the school district, free to all 4 year old children in the district. Devon attended last year and already this year with have another child old enough to attend. Once a quarter, the ELP classes invite parents in for a playdate with their child. This first quarter, the playdate focuses on literacy concepts. Renie's teacher, Mrs Davis, had stations set up around the room with fun, educational activities for us to do together. Renie loves school- though she is not a fan of getting READY for school- and it was fun to be with her in her classroom. At home she's one of the little kids, simply by birthright, but at school she is a big kid. We had fun doing puzzles, cutting our names out of play dough, writing our names in magnets, and having a snack together.

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