Monday, November 30, 2009

Regurgitation- just had to get that one in...

Meredith thought it was funny that I labeled the last post with "Barf Fest". She naively asked me if I thought there was a likelihood I would be using that label again. Obviously she wasn't reading this blog back when Barf Fest 2008 took place. Or when we discovered that Barf Fest 2008 was a week-long event. Somehow she must have missed LAST Thanksgiving when we made the trip home to NY and the kids decided to have a Holiday Barf Fest.
And as I was searching my blog for barf posts, (it would have been SOOOO much easier if I had started using the Barf Fest label sooner), I discovered that all in one post I used the terms barf, puke, vomit, and throw up. Wow. That's impressive.


merathon said...

hmmmmm-- did i somehow miss reading about barf fest 2008 or did i subconsciously block it out of my mind like i do many other things that i'd rather not remember?

somehow we've been lucky enough to not have much puking at our house. . .as i knock on wood.

Suburban Correspondent said...

We discussed this on my blog once: just like the Inuits have one hundred (or something like that) words for snow, large families have extensive vocabularies surrounding the word "vomit."