Saturday, February 16, 2008

Aaah February

Anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knows that I talk about snow a lot. I thought maybe I was a victim of the northern-girl-gone-soft-by-living-in-the-south process and that was why winter seemed so long and snowy. Turns out we've had record snowfall this year in Wisconsin. Something like 79 inches so far, breaking the previous record of 76. And that was by the first week in February. It ain't over yet! Even the natives are getting restless. Last night a friend of ours said he heard we had had 40 days of measurable snow. That's a lot. So, of course, I have more snow pictures. They are taken from the car so they're not the greatest, but you'll get this idea. It's funny. Because of the wind, you'll be driving along past a huge snowbank and then suddenly it ends and you're at a section where the wind has swept the ground almost bare. Some folks in our branch got stuck in a snowdrift in the road on the way to church last sunday (it was bitterly cold- way below zero- and there were blowing snow advisories in effect). It took them almost 2 hours to dig out with cookie sheets they had in the car. He had red feet with white spots by the time they got home. He's ok, though. We almost didn't go to church because I wasn't too keen on travelling 40 minutes in frigid weather with kids in the car. Next time I won't.

Last night we had our almost annual Valentine's Party and Poetry Contest. The guest list ended up really small, but it was lots of fun and more intimate with the smaller group. With my husband's permission I'm posting my husband's awesome eighties-songs-themed poem he wrote for me.

Pop Goes My Heart!

Every breath you took I was stalk..I mean watching you
I wanted to know what love was and you to show me too.
What was your price for flight for finding Mr. Right?
Were you someone's only light going to shine that night?
I could not possibly continue to fight those feelings anymore
I had forgotten what I started fighting for.
You were blinding me with science, it was poetry in motion,
My spheres all in commotion from your blinding love potion.
Molly, you gave me your number so I could make you mine
Molly, I remember that number-8-6-7-5-3-0-9.
I would just call to say I love you just to say how much I care,
But only when you were gone, when you were there I did not dare.
Your father warned me...he said watch out boy she will chew you up
She is a maneater returned from her mission and she is looking to sup.
Truth be told it was you who took the gamble and was living on a prayer
But if you take my hand, lower your expectations, and be patient we'll make it I swear.
Just say you love me for the rest of your life,
And I will be your cowboy and you can be my...cow-wife.

He's so perfect for me. I love it! So Happy Valentine's Day-again. We're off to Madison today- I'm so excited to get out of Dodgeville and shop somewhere other than Walmart! Hooray!


jrt said...

Now this I've got to know

my son wrote this...........or my daughter in law wrote this

mad skills............mad skills

jrt said...

Actually it reminded me of a night that i piled into the back of your vehicle...........and made the mistake of crackinbg a joke...........about a song you were playing on the radio(it really was a joke,honest !)and you both shot me a look of disdain(simultaeneously.......I might add !) And me ............not being a dummy.........realized that I had probably stumbled on one of "our songs" that sometimes happen to a girl and a guy experiencing...........shall we say"the stuff Valentines Day is made for !!!

Happy Valentines Day to you both...........many more

and you can play whatever you want.............on the radio REALLY !