Thursday, February 28, 2008

The moments that make it all worth it..

So last night was a rough night with Jesse. I think his issue was gas. I was up for a couple hours with him while he mostly screamed and thrashed. So today I'm a bit tired. While Jesse was napping this afternoon and Renie and Devon were watching quality programming on TV, I curled up in my bed to rest. Devon immediately came in and jumped on me and snuggled with me. I tried to convince him it would be fun to take a nap. So he said he'd tell me a bedtime story. He told me a cute little story about going to the beach and then said it was my turn to tell HIM a bedtime story. Being tired and completely devoid of any energy I wasn't too keen on this. However, he was cute and I didn't want to let the moment slip away. So I told him a story about a boy named D............avid who liked to play in the mud. It was not bad, as far as making it up as you go goes, and ultimately the boy takes off all his clothes to squish in the mud and gets mud everywhere, including his butt-crack, and then has a bath and realizes how fun getting clean can be too. Not exactly Dr. Seuss, but whatever. But here's where it's all worth it. After I said, "The end." He gave me a big hug and kiss and said, "Yes! That's my favorite story! Thanks!" So glad I didn't miss that opportunity.

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Molly said...

agaim...buttcracks. molly aka kennedy