Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Green Fix

Yesterday's post got me looking at an album of photos from this past summer- a day at the lake, green grass, etc. So I thought maybe I'd post some more pictures for anyone feeling the need to see some green and sunshine like me. So here are some pictures of a day at Governor Dodge State Park. We live just a couple miles down the road from this park with 2 lakes, tons of hiking trails, a beautiful spring-fed waterfall, and camping and cook-out sites. On this particular day it was one of those hot days I mentioned in my previous post where it was warmer than normal. You hike back from the road maybe 1/2 a mile to get to the waterfall. The approach is basically on the same level as the road until you're right above the falls. Then the trail curves around and drops down abruptly and steeply to the bottom of the falls. You are then down in a bowl with the side opposite the falls open where the water travels down beyond. Being spring-fed, the water cools the bowl so it is easily 15 degrees cooler down in there. It is a delicious reprieve on a hot day. If you're really tough you can stand under the falls and let the water chill you through and through. But it is icy cold and crisp so only the really tough or really hot dare to do it!

Thanks for humoring me!


Molly said...

Not that it matters, but oops, I meant maybe a 1/4 mile hike- if that!

ERIN said...

so gorgeous! can i move in with you?

Molly said...

summer...please come. kennedy said

Terri_B said...

I too, cannot wait for summer. The pics were great.

So do you guys think that you will be there for a while?