Saturday, February 23, 2008

Some catch up...

Did anyone else see the lunar eclipse on Wednesday night? Kennedy had seen online that there was supposed to be one but then I kind of forgot about it. Lincoln went to the store at about 9pm and when he came home he called for me to come see. We woke Kennedy up and threw her coat and boots and hat on her and brought her out with us. I have a junky camera that couldn't even begin to capture the moon in the sky. We did get a shot of Kennedy looking at the eclipse though.

Thursday we took a much-needed break to head to Wisconsin Dells. The kids didn't have school friday because of a teacher workday, so we left when Lincoln got home from work. Lincoln and I were both stressed out and feeling sick to our stomachs over some cut backs that had happened at Lands End on Thursday. Don't worry, my husband still has his job- and now someone else's- but it's hard to see friends and coworkers go through something like this. Plus things will start to be very crazy after the weekend when he has to pick up and cover a position that was just vacated with noone lined up yet to fill it. But on a lighter note, we had fun in The Dells. We stayed at Chula Vista this time. We got a regular old hotel room, no lodge or condo or even a suite. (A mistake we've decided. We are just too big now to cram into one room.) Devon was amazing this time. He's always hated to get his face wet. Last time we went he was pretty content to just float in the wave pool, although he did start to branch out on some bigger waterslides. This time he was really into it. He went down body slides and tube slides and didn't complain about water on his face. The greatest part of the trip was realizing that we have hit a new milestone as a family. The girls are now big enough to go on the big slides by themselves. They can touch in the lazy river, they'll go down any of the big slides. What a treat to have 2 semi-independent kids now! Lincoln and I can take turns staying with the 2 little ones and going down slides with Devon. And this time, Jesse was still content to be in the stroller most of the time. Devon and Renie wear life jackets willingly which also alleviates some stress. So here are some pictures. It really wasn't pitch black in there I just have a really junky camera, as previously mentioned.


Terri_B said...

Sounds like you all had lots of fun on your little getaway!

David and I went out to see the lunar eclispe too!! I tried to take a pic also, and it just didn't work on my 3.2 megapixel camera. It just looked like an orange blobish looking thing.

Jenn-Lee said...

Hey Molly, I love the pics!! The kids are so cute. Daniel took the girls out to an open pond and field he found and they watched it the lunar eclisp from there. They loved it. I wish I had seen it. Hmm, time. Its cool because Anakha-Marie got a little bored but Olea just loved it and still talks about it. We named her Olea (from book of Abraham, the name of the moon) , so we call her out little moonbeam sometimes,..the coolest thing is her birthday, April 8, three years ago their was a lunar eclipse the day she was born, then we found a picture froma Canadian Newspaper, capturing the lunar eclipse , the caption said lunar eclipse with statue in forground,... the statue, ....was that of the angel Moroni from the Temple. Pretty cool huh? So I thought it was pretty cool she loved the eclipse so much. I check your blog often, I havn't commented a lot, I'll do better at that! my new email is
Love ya!!