Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bumpless Boy...

Today was The Day. You know, Devon's surgery to remove the dermoid cyst in his eyebrow. Simple outpatient procedure. Requiring sedation. I get very nervous about the whole putting 'em under thing. But I'm jumping ahead. Last night our friend Devan came to assist Lincoln in giving Devon a Priesthood blessing. It brought me comfort to hear them invoke the Lord's blessings for my son. So that, in addition to the prayers without ceasing that were racing through my mind for the last couple days, helped me feel more peaceful as I watched him go under. Only one of us could go back to the OR with him as he slipped into the unfeeling slumber of sedation. He chose me to go and it felt good to feel like I could do something for him, even if all I did was sit by his bed for a minute as he went to sleep.

Of all that happened, he was most displeased with the hat. Can you blame him?

But I'm jumping ahead again. I should start by saying we got up at 4:45 this morning and left the house by 5 to be sure we were there by 6:30.

Pre-op, bed-head

Big BIG BIG thanks to my friend Becci who came to our house at 5am so we wouldn't have to wake all the kids that early and drag them out of the house. In fact, she still has all three girls at 3:15 so that Devon and I can have some quiet this afternoon. My friend Lori helped out with the kids today as well. It's so great to have wonderful friends to call upon at these times. Especially considering we live so far from any family.
Devon was in good spirits and cooperated well. He was so cute walking around with his little bum hanging out of his hospital gown. He got to choose a stuffed animal from a big crate of great options. He went with the finger puppet snake.

He went in and out of sedation with no problems whatsoever and we were on the road by 10:30. We took him to target to pick out the requisite post-op toy. He picked a pirate dress-up set. We also got a Thomas DVD so he would have something new to watch today while he's supposed to be quiet and still. When I told him that he said, "I don't know how to sit still." Yeah, tell me about it. Then we let him pick where to go for lunch. He had to go in fasting this morning, of course, so he was pretty hungry. You'll all be shocked to hear he picked McDonalds. After picking up his antibiotic ointment we got him settled in at home and Lincoln went to work. He's doing great. The anaesthesia has worn off without any problems and I'm having trouble keeping him interested in sitting on the couch. Forget about the 20 minutes on 20 minutes off we're supposed to be doing with the ice pack. He has a check up tomorrow, in one week, and in six weeks. His stitches will just dissolve and hopefully it won't be long til we're in the clear.

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The Steffenhagen's said...

Your bringing back memories for me here. I'm glad to hear that your experience with the sedation went smooth. What a brave little guy. When Kaden got his tonsils removed he didn't come out of it very good and even stopped breathing for a minute while the nurses all rushed him. It's not an experience I ever want to repeat.