Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crazy Lazy Days of Summer...

This morning was Kennedy's first day of basketball. At 9am. Let me just say here that I have been getting up at 9am since our return from Las Vegas. It takes time to adjust to the 2 hour time difference. Don't mock me. It does. It doesn't sound like a big difference, especially since we were only there a week, but it took its toll. We would stay up late partying the night away, or at least talking and drinking berry Fresca, and turn in at 12 or 1 in the morning. That translates to 2 or 3 in WI time. Then we'd sleep until 8 or 9 which would be 10 or 11. Are you following the math? Can I quit adding it up for you? Anyway, we managed to get out the door in time for Kennedy to get to practice by 9. Or maybe 5 after. Or so. But they hadn't started yet when we got there so regardless of the time she wasn't late. Right?
We also managed to fit in some pool time this afternoon. Irene has done great at the pool without a swim diaper. It's not a fun stage for me because I have to keep running her to the restroom. And is it just me or is everyone grossed out by pool restrooms? The floor is always wet- which obviously is from pool drips, but it still grosses me out. I have to tell myself the whole time I'm in there- "It's just pool water, it's just pool water." Then there are always clumps of soggy toilet paper on the floor because if it hits the floor and gets wet ain't nobody gonna touch it. And then there's the whole problem of wiping a wet bottom. How can I wipe her when she's so wet? The toilet paper sticks to her legs and tushy...AAck. So gross. And finally the colossal effort it takes to pull a wet swimsuit up her little body. I may run out tomorrow and buy a tankini for her to save the time and hassle. Seriously, it seems like by the time I get the whole process complete she's had time to work up some more pee and we start all over again. But YAY for her and no more diapers. In fact, now that she and Jesse aren't splitting a box of diapers anymore I was able to go back to size 3. Which means we not only save because there's only one bottom to diaper, we also get 10 more in the box for the SAME PRICE.
I ended my day with a trip to the grocery store and some Ben and Jerry's frozen yogurt. My work here is done. For today.


jessica, jessie, or jessi said...

I'm amazed.... How much does Jesse weigh?! Eddie has been in size 4 diapers for awhile now.. I've used a 3 in a pinch here and there, but there's much more room for containment in the 4's. (Which came in handy when he had explosive diarrhea for four days straight two weeks ago.) Now I know Eddison's a tank...but now I'm starting to worry.. LOL!! :)

Another red flag on Eddie's tankness - Jack is still using pull-ups during sleep times, but in the event we run out we use a diaper until we can buy more the next day. He fits very comfortably (As in plenty of room to spare) in 4's and is almost 20 months OLDER than the little chunk!

And yes - pool restrooms = disgusting mess. :)

A member of the Ross Clan said...

Use wipes.

That's the answer to the sticky toilet paper on the little wet bum problem.