Monday, October 27, 2008

2 Tags in a row?!

A couple of WEEKS ago, my friend Terri tagged me. I'm supposed to list 6 quirky things about me. This will be super hard because I am so normal and conformist in all I do and say. But I'll try.
1. I have to have the door to the master bath closed when I sleep. I'm not sure why. I think it started when we had toilet problems a few years ago. The toilet would suddenly kick on to fill the tank back up at random times in the night. The noise would wake me up. Until we got it fixed I just started making sure the door was closed. Now, even though we have no toilet problems, (and don't even live in the same house)I can't sleep if that door is open. If Lincoln comes to bed way after me after he's watched a movie and then slept on the couch for three hours and he uses the bathroom and then comes to bed leaving the door open, I have to get up and shut it. He thinks I'm insane. I think I'm quirky.

2. Coconut makes me gag. Really, I find it repulsive. Mostly the texture of shredded coconut is what does it. Gross!

3. I love the smell of chalk dust. Seriously, pound two erasers and let me walk through the cloud of dust inhaling deeply. I love that smell and even the taste. Do you suppose I have some sort of deficiency?

4. I find hand washing dishes to be very therapeutic. I don't hand wash often, but I actually really enjoy it when I do. I like the hot soapy water on my hands and the repeated motions. I can daydream and think about anything I want while I do it because I don't need to concentrate on the task. And I love the instant gratification of the chore- squeaky clean, shiny dishes.

5. I compulsively house hunt. It doesn't matter if we're thinking of moving or not. And I don't just look in our area. I like to just pick a place and see what's for sale there. Mostly in the US, but sometimes even abroad. My husband thinks of this as an unpleasant chore so he doesn't understand why I would be looking at houses online while we are still unpacking from one move.

6. My house is usually a mess, yet I'm really anal about things like how the dishes are put away, how the clothes are folded, how the dish towel hangs on the stove, and how the dishwasher is loaded. Go figure.

There you go. Anyone feel like doing this tag? Let me know if you do it!

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merathon said...

i found your blog!

#5 and #6-- i COMPLETELY relate! me too!

#3? makes me start coughing just thinking about it!