Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Little R and R...

Yeah, talk about your pipe dreams. The kids have 2 days off school, today and tomorrow. We had originally planned to have Lincoln take those days off work so we could do a couple fun day trips. Unfortunately he's too busy at work- a big brainstorming meeting in Madison today, deadlines to make tomorrow- so I'm just at home with all five kids for 2 days. Which wouldn't be a huge deal except they can't think of anything to do besides irritate each other. Kennedy is being a bossy, controlling oldest child, Julia is happy to play the crying victim, Devon is bouncing off the walls teasing his little brother and sister, Renie is screaming like her toenails are being pulled out, and Jesse...hmmmm, where IS he? Whenever they have a day off it seems it takes them half the day to figure out how to use their time without scratching each other's eyes out. Kennedy is now taking a shower which I'm hoping will chill her out, Renie is having a time out in seclusion which I'm hoping will chill her out, Devon and Julia are playing contentedly with each other and Jesse is happily wandering around being independent. I'm about to put lunch on the table so here's hoping the mood will change around here as we slip into afternoon.

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