Monday, October 20, 2008

Homecoming 2008

This past week was Homecoming. I do not live in my hometown so it shouldn't matter. But I DO live in a small town. And I have kids in school. On Friday all the kids were encouraged to wear school colors- black and orange- and to be prepared to go on a "field trip" to watch the parade at 2:30. My friend Kym and I decided we would walk to the school with our little ones so we could meet up with our older ones to watch the parade. It was starting to drizzle rain when we were ready to go but we decided we were up to the adventure and headed off pushing the kids in strollers. The kids got wet and cold and we got wet and hot, thanks to the physical exertion of pushing kids in strollers up and down the Wisconsin hills. We got to the start of the parade route just in time (after racing the parade down the street a bit to get as close to the beginning as we could. ) Unfortunately, due to the rain, they didn't let out the elementary age kids. So we watched the parade with our unimpressed toddlers, then rushed home to get our cars so we could go back to school to pick up our kids. It was good exercise anyway.

A marching band, I think.

Football players in a haywagon. Gotta love the Midwest!

We opted to skip the football game in the cold drizzle that evening. I'm glad we did. Word is the football team got creamed and hardly ANYbody went anyway.

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Virginia Burnett said...

Sounds like you had the weather we are having today.

Do your boys like football? We went to Jeffrey's football game last weekend. It was Maxx's first and my second game ever. I told him this about the game:

"O.K. Maxx, the orange guys and the purple guys are going to line up. That man is going to blow a whistle. The orange guy is going to throw the ball and one of the other orange guys is going to catch it. The orange guy with the ball is going to run toward the purple guys and try to get past them. All the purple guys are going to tackle the orange guy.

What do you think about that?"

"Can I do it?!" was the response I got.

It was exciting for about three plays, then he wanted to go play on the playground.