Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Talk about exciting...

Tomorrow Lincoln has to go to Chicago with some co-workers for training. They will be using a company van and because they are leaving very early in the morning, we went to pick the van up tonight. We had all the kids but Kennedy in the car when we dropped him off at the van. We were approximately 3 minutes from home, thank goodness, because the kids were full of questions about the situation.

Is that Dad's new car?
Do we get to ride in it?
No, that van belongs to Lands End.
Why does Daddy have it?
He's just borrowing it to drive to Chicago tomorrow.
Why is he going to Chicago?
I want to go to Chicago!
Daddy is going to a class for work.
Why is he Mom?
I want a test drive in that van!
Can we ride in it Mom?
I was talking first!
I was talking first!
I was!
I was!
I was!
I was!
(Shrieking)Ieeeey waaaaas!
(Low and quiet) I was.
Mom, why is Dad driving that van?
Can we keep that van?
Whose van is it?
The van belongs to Lands End. They are letting Daddy use it tomorrow to drive to Chicago where he is taking a class, for work.
Why don't you drop him off at work?
But why is he driving it, Mom?
I was talking first!
I was!
Look there! Halloween lights! A jack-o-lantern! Boy is that cool or what?
-Is that a witch? Look there kids! Oh look! We're almost home! Wow! Hey! I think we're here! Yes! We're home! Whaddya think of that!

This was followed by a test drive around the neighborhood and now they have completely forgotten about it. Whew!


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I think it was about 6 p.m. when I asked my kids to please not talk any more today. It didn't work.

Jenn-Lee said...

You had me laughing hard. That is so funny. Exactly how conversations happen with kids! Good thing they have short attention spans and get excited about new things.
I've been missing you Molly. I have not been keeping up with blogs for a while but I think I am back.I had to stop reading for a while to get my life in balance. I cant wait to catch up on your posts. I love reading what you write. I also love your new pic on your header! So pretty.