Thursday, February 5, 2009

Again with my nose...

So you know how scent is a huge memory trigger? Well, apparently my Grandmother used Palmolive dish soap. I just bought a bottle of it in a "new" scent, but I swear that scent is at least 25 years old. The first time I squirted some out, and every time since, I have been swallowed up by memories of my grandmother. I love it. I am transported back to her little kitchen in her trailer, the dish pan full of hot soapy water. You know also how you enjoy helping more as a kid when you're not in your own home? I remember enjoying helping with the dishes at Grandma's house, looking out the window over the sink to the shady side yard bordered by the stone wall. And when I think of that side yard, I think of Grandma sitting out there in a lawn chair, flyswatter at her side, visiting with company and giving them a tour of her flowerbeds. I miss Grandma.

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jessica, jessie, or jessi said...

I love how scents trigger memories! It's always fun to be surprised with a smell that brings back a happy memory. My grandma recently sent an afghan she'd made for Eleanor and the first thing I did when I unwrapped it was bury my face in it to smell 'grandma's house'. Of course it brought back all sorts of wonderful memories. Love it.

PS - How long was your mom able to pump milk for your sister? I've seen the old school bike horn pumps and am amazed they even worked! I can imagine it was exhausting to pump that much manually!