Sunday, February 15, 2009

February Thaw

Can you believe this? A day in the 50s? In February? In Wisconsin? We didn't get a January thaw but we got a blessedly welcome February respite. A whole week of above freezing temps, with snow melting quickly and sun shining brightly. Of course, we had sickies here all week long. It started with Jesse throwing up last weekend, then Renie on Monday and Devon on Tuesday. By Wednesday I was getting a sore throat thing, then Lincoln and then Julia. Kennedy seems to be the only one to escape this round of illness. Really, though, we've been remarkably well all winter long. I really can't complain. Poor Julia's nose has been wiped raw. She literally had scab rings around each nostril. I've never seen a nose look that bad. We all seem to be mostly recovered now, though us colds people are still a bit drippy and congested.

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