Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Friday night we had our annual Valentine's Party. Each year we invite a bunch of couples over for a fun evening of desserts, poetry, and a guess that couple game. We ask everyone to write a poem for or about their spouse, then each person reads theirs aloud and we vote for our favorite. It is so much fun to hear what everyone comes up with. It's a unique way to get a glimpse into the different personalities. I'm afraid I gave a less than stellar outing this year, but as usual, my dear husband did not disappoint. Here is his entry:

I could tell that we were gonna be friends
No If, Ands, Buts, or Depends

From the moment i took my first look at you
My days of chatting online with babes was through

For your love I would give my last dang quesadilla
Go to Alaska with a freaking 12 gauge just to kill a

Wolverine or a Liger which is bred for its skills and magic
Its pretty much my favorite animal but i would let YOU have it

I would build you a cake or even give you some of my tots
Or take you to the mall for some glamour shots

Yes I do love technology but i do not love it as much as I love thee
Aside from the bow staff I have no good skills yet still you love me

Two seasons fighting in the Octagon could not prepare
A man to handle a woman so flippin fair

Your words are like a lullaby, and I'm just flying by
Oh so high like a kite in the sky

Cast your vote of love for me and I promise this to you
That all of your wildest dreams will come true

To me you will always and forever be my delicious bass
From the tip of your head to your well-rounded...toes

If you're not a Napoleon Dynamite fan, you probably won't get it.
He didn't win the contest, but he came in a close second. I wish I had a copy of each of them. They were fantastic. Two were put to music, three were haiku, one was a sonnet, and we even had a stream of consciousness. I do remember Kevin's poem for his wife Jo:

Jo. Jo. Jo.

It was beautiful.

Thanks to everyone for coming and being good sports!

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Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Awww, that Lincoln! So fun, so sad we missed it. :)