Saturday, February 21, 2009

Devon's Party

Well I think I'm officially partied out. Today my home was invaded by little boys. They played pirates, ate, yelled a lot, and ran around like maniacs. It was pretty fun. Devon had a great time with his buddies, showing them around his place, and seeing some of his friends on his own turf for the first time.
We had a pirate themed party, since that is one of Devon's current passions.

I tried my hand at some pirate cake pops.

We played a treasure hunt puzzle game and musical chairs to pirate songs. Kennedy and Julia built a pirate ship out of a huge cardboard box and the boys had a great time messing around in that.

I had to include this picture because it kind of captures the perpetual commotion of house full of boys.

All of his little friends were very well-behaved and polite.
That is the look of joy that makes the work worthwhile!

Everybody is ready for cake and ice cream!

Devon's gift from us- a bigger bike. This is the year to get rid of the training wheels!

Devon did great, but I could tell he had met his social interaction limit by the time the last few guests were leaving. Overall, I would say it was a success. The next birthday in the family is mine, so I get a breather until Father's Day!


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

you're always such a great party planner and hostess. He's a lucky boy. :)

Jenn-Lee said...

I love all of your adorably coordinated parties over the years. Looks like it was a dream come true party for him. So fun! Happy Bday Devon!

Audrey said...

awesome cake dude!