Saturday, April 26, 2008

Guess who's a birthday girl!? ( Originally to be posted on Saturday, 26)

That's right. I'm shamelessly soliciting birthday wishes. Anyone? I've had a day of special treatment and hanging out with my family. This morning Lincoln and the kids brought me breakfast in bed. They made me a fabulous yogurt, berry and granola parfait, cinnamon rolls, a bagel with cream cheese and a glass of cranberry juice. Renie got breakfast in bed as well because she had climbed in with me this morning so she slept in with me. She had "rice kissamees". After breakfast I took Devon to his last soccer practice and ran 2 miles on the treadmill. (OK, maybe more like 1 1/2 miles jogging and the rest walking. My leg was not quite up to jogging the whole 2 miles today. (It's hit or miss- I never know for sure until I'm 1/2 a mile into it.) And yes, I know 2 miles sounds pretty pathetic, but I'm dang proud of it. Especially since a year ago I couldn't walk. It really makes you grateful and puts things into perspective, y' know? So after soccer we ran home and got the rest of the family and went back to Lands End for Julia's final dance class and recital. (I'll post pictures and video from today tomorrow. I'm too lazy tonight.) Then we drove to Platteville to shop for my birthday present. I'm getting a new bike. I'm really really excited about it. I've never had a good bike. I've actually only owned one bike. My Mom built me one when I was 7, I think. We had a heap of dead bikes in the cellar and Mom, being the amazing woman that she is, would build bikes for us from the pieces she could find in the heap. I remember mine being a deep fuschia purpley color and being pretty darn nice. So I tried a couple out and found one that I like, but we needed to order a larger size frame for me. (You know me, legs that go on forever. Oh wait, you DO know me and so i can't fool you into believing that.) Anyway, once it comes in I'll go down and take it for a test drive to see if it's as perfect as we're anticipating. On the way home from Platteville we stopped in Belmont at the Mound. Mounds are ridiculously high steep hills jutting up from the prairie. I believe they were actually built by Native Americans. It was unbelievably windy and chilly. Julia didn't want to climb it and I was looking for an excuse not to so I stayed in the car with her and Jesse.

So this evening Lincoln made dinner- a yummy salad- and then we had my birthday cake. Angel food cake with strawberries and cool whip. YUM.

I didn't have to change a single diaper today or cook a single meal. I didn't have to do any cleanup or even get the kids ready for bed. It was a good day.

A note from today, April 28th

Despite the stinking cold, I must admit that spring snow is beautiful. Clean white snow is quite striking against a vibrant green background.

My yellow flowers that were loving the sun a few days ago

are now pulled closed in an attempt to preserve body heat. And perhaps I would not be feeling so optimistic if i wasn't HEADING TO THE BEACH in a couple days.

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happy belated birthday!!