Friday, April 25, 2008

A slice of our lives...

For anyone who might care about my sanity- and the retention of it- you'll be happy to know that last time I checked, the weather forecast had changed and there are no longer SNOW SHOWERS anticipated on Monday and Tuesday. So with any luck at all, this will be the final threat of such inclement weather for the season. You'd think by now we'd be in the clear. In fact, when I first saw the snow forecast I said, "Hey kids! Guess what! It's going to snow next week! Isn't that exciting?!" Kennedy's incredulous reply, "What? SNOW in the middle of SUMMER?!" Yes my dear. Welcome to the great white north! But actually, spring snowfalls aside, I've been enjoying these last few April showery days. I enjoy rain, especially this time of spring. Dark gray thunderheads are spectacular against spring-green grass. Yesterday morning it was stormy and raining, yet the eastern sky was bright, casting a warm golden glow under the gray clouds.

In the afternoon Devon and Renie went out to tramp around in the rain and slog in any mud they could find.

Kennedy and Julia ventured out a couple times to inspect abnormally large worms. I'm telling you, this has got to be the healthiest soil on the planet- there are giant worms everywhere. I was planting bulbs a week or two ago and every scoop of dirt I removed unearthed at least one worm. Kennedy, although impressed by the monstrously large worms, is disgusted by them. Disgusted to the point of being reduced to tears when she and Lincoln were playing basketball and when she caught the ball her hand was on a worm that had stuck to it when it bounced in the driveway. Poor kid. I've got to say, I wouldn't be too happy about that myself.

In brief other news, I'm posting a video of Kennedy and Jesse that I took last night. It doesn't really need my explaining, it's just him trying to copy her being silly. Maybe it will have to be a separate post.

Kennedy has been studying rainforests in class this quarter. She had to build a diarama of a rainforest and write a report on a rainforest dweller- her animal was the keel-billed toucan, for anyone interested in knowing. Here's a shot Kennedy and her diarama.

And one last thing-
I caught Renie today just after she had written on the girls' bunkbed. She heard me coming and quickly hid the writing implement and pasted on her just-sittin'-here-being-a-cute-obedient-child-who-would-never-in-a-million-years-think-of-writing-on-anything-but-paper look. I saw what she had done and I said, "What did you use to do this?" She pointed to where she had stashed it and Devon said, "It's a magical marker, Mom." Funny.

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