Friday, April 4, 2008

Julia's Spring Program

Julia had her spring music program at school today. It was fun to see her do her thing up there. She was in the front row of performers and we were in the front row of the audiance. Unfortunately I don't have the software to transfer video from my camcorder so the following videos are from my camera. This first one was my favorite.

In this day and age I'm amazed they are able to do this next one. I love being in a small community. (It's also a relief to be able to come in as the kids are going on stage and still get a front row spot. That would have NEVER happened in Matthews. It was always standing room only at the kids programs.)

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jessica, jessie, or jessi said...

Tell Julia she did a FANTASTIC job!!! LOL!!! I LOVE how she got into the first song with the hip-shake while she was snapping! Her dress is beautiful, too! I need to memorize that song for Jackson...he LOVES dinosaurs and brushing his teeth, but flossing...not so much. ;-)

I also loved the second song, too. It IS refreshing that songs like that are still allowed! My personal fave move there was her kangaroo hop. :-)