Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Odds and Ends...

Last Saturday Lands End had an activity day for the kids. The theme was Under the Sea. They had tables set up with craft projects and displays of kids' artwork from the onsite child care center and Devon's Creative Playtime class. They also had The Octopus' Garden. This was a table with a tub of water. In the water was a squid/octopus they had purchased frozen from a seafood supplier. They thawed it out and put it in the water so kids could touch it. Kennedy was absolutely repulsed by the whole thing, (gotta say I'm with her), but Julia eventually touched it and then progressed to really handling it. Renie and Devon both touched it- quickly- and that was it.

Ok, I know this is random, but I thought it was cool. I have a hoodie that I wear around the house frequently. As I'm cleaning I often pick up little items that are laying around and stuff them in my pockets. A couple days ago I determined it was time to wash the hoodie so I reached into my pocket to pull out the junk and EVERYTHING IN MY POCKET WAS BLUE! What are the odds? Even the nasty used tissue was blue.

And lastly, some pictures of my sleeping beauties. Why? Because they are all in their OWN BEDS! They had developed quite a habit of sleeping like a litter of puppies, but finally they have settled into their own spaces. I'm hoping they will be better rested and therefore more cheerful.

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Sue said...

When we moved we took away the queen size bed my girls had been sharing and put them into their own beds. They cried and cried and I felt like the meanest mom ever. "A litter of puppies" - that's the perfect phrase.