Friday, April 18, 2008

What a fun week!

Contest winner, Karen, was here this week collecting her prizes. The weather was not the best, (we woke up Saturday to a winter wonderland), but everything else was fantastic. There was definately a potential for chaos with 9 kids in the house all week, but they were all great and just enjoyed being together. Besides the children's museum, which I already posted about, we played football in the yard, went to a park, played at the Lands End fitness facility, shopped at the company store, and the highlight of the week, went to the Wisconsin Dells. So here are a bajillion pictures.

Not the most effective tackle.

Making a game plan.

The planning paid off- it's better when they ALL do it.

Who's pulling who?

Go long!

Gabriel on the slide

The Three Musketeers

Gabriel and Darrien going up the slide

Super Orion

Alexis soaring above me

I told you it was a bajillion. What can I say, so many cute kids, so much fun stuff.


Jenn-Lee said...

Makes me miss you guys even more! So much fun! Anakha-Marie asks me every week about three times a week if there is an email from Julia for her. :) She misses you guys too!!!!
Sorry I have been such a stranger lately! Been crazy busy, hardly home, and super tired at nights but,...soon I will relax and we will cetch up. :) Love you!!! Love your blog! Oh- and I am going to teach a blog class for RS mini classes so hopefully we will get Anita Bloggin soon!!:)

Longhurst Family said...

Looks like you guys are having too much fun up north. Maybe Wayne and I should come join ya. :)
We sure miss you guys!