Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bedknobs and Broomsticks...

Renie has always been a terrific sleeper. She's been pretty cooperative about going to bed in her own bed, content with her blanket and a pacifier, and sleeping through the night. Alas, this has all changed of late. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she now shares a bedroom with her sisters. I don't know, but I'm getting sick of her appearing in my room at 1, 3, or 6 in the morning. "I want you Mom." She has me worn down to the point that I often am so tired and sleeping so soundly now that I don't even realize she's climbed in until her rustling around and around and around finally pulls me out of my dead-to-the-world slumber. I am constantly amazed how the interruption can make me so exhausted the next day. How in the world did I survive the round the clock effort of 5 newborn babies? I can't hack a 10 minute interruption now? I've been at this for close to 9 years now. I've had a little baby for most of that time. Shouldn't I be adjusted? Or is this the culmination of all those years and my body is on the verge of self-destructing? I'm not sure which it is- but would it be wrong to make her sleep in a cage? With all the luxuries, of course. A bed. A blanket. A pillow.
In other domestic news, I bought a new broom. My husband needed to sweep the garage so he took my kitchen broom and used it. Upon discovering this I said, "Why are you using that broom? It's my kitchen broom." He informed me, "No. It's the garage broom. Now." So I had to buy a broom. Imagine my excitement when there, hanging in the cleaning aisle, looking like just an ordinary kitchen broom, was a broom with a handy scuff-remover built right in! This wasn't exactly what I was looking for, not quite what my needs required, but I thought, "Certainly if They have this marvel of modern technology, this scuff-remover broom, they MUST have a broom with a six-months-of-built-up-crud-remover! Surely it's here if I dig deep enough. Behind the mops, perhaps." (This could have been entirely possible because I don't mop. It is the most loathsome housekeeping chore in the world. I avoid it as long as I possibly can, breaking down only when our feet are sticking to the floor or I have company coming. So I don't shop in the mop section much. It takes me years to wear one out.) It was not meant to be however. Somebody else bought the last one apparently. But I'll keep checking, 'cause sister, that's what I need.


Virginia Burnett said...

"they MUST have a broom with a six-months-of-built-up-crud-remover!"

They do and it isn't behind the mops. It is a mop. I know because I use mine every 6 months - whether I need to or not.

Maybe I can get MB to come visit you and convince one of your older daughters that it is fun to mop - which one is more gullible?

Jenn-Lee said...

Molly, let me know what you find girl because I need the same thing!!!