Friday, May 30, 2008

Look Ma! No stitches!

Well we made it. The stitches have left the forehead. I'll still need another few days to feel like it's not going to spontaneously bust open any second, but at least there are no more stitches to tear in the process.
Also, Look Ma! No pacifier! Some of you especially observant folks (my mom) may have noticed that you can now see Renie's (filthy) face in her pictures.

She and Jesse are both pacifier free. They've been clean for about 2 weeks now. It just happened one day. We couldn't find a pacifier, Renie didn't throw a conniption fit, and the rest is history.
Now for the potty...


Anonymous said...

congratulations! What a beautiful face! grandma

Anonymous said...

Hi Molly,
remember me? Becky(Ramsdell)Sanford?? I was talking w/ your big sister this evening - catching up and she shared your site w/ me.
What a beautiful family you have - stitches and all!!:)
I so enjoyed reading your blogs...should do one of these "things" myself - what fun.
Congrats on a wonderfully happy family - and handsome hubby! Best wishes, Becky