Thursday, May 22, 2008

School is almost out...

End of the school year festivities are in full swing. Picnics, field trips, potlucks, and basically frantic running hither and yon. Today, Devon and Renie had a picnic with their classes from Lands End. We went to the park and they ran around with their friends for a couple hours, playing on the playground and bounce house.

This evening the third grade classes had a potluck dinner and then the kids gave their parents tours of the rainforest they've constructed in the third grade wing. (Actually it's like a third grade corner. I think there are 3 classrooms.)

After the dinner I took some pictures of the girls in the trees by the school. The trees were loaded with blossoms and I just couldn't resist.

And last, but certainly not least, dare I say it? Devon has been consistently pooping in the potty. I know I made the same announcement back in January. But I really think it's different this time. (PLease let it be different!) I think we have finally broken the cycle and he's able to do it without pain and therefore without fear and therefore he doesn't hold it thus confirming fears. So as I mentioned in a previous post, he's been earning Pirates of the Carribean action figures.

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Audrey said...

oh, man! i was hoping noah would magically potty train himself before turning 3 next january (since i have no idea how to potty train a child)... he's such a big boy, i'll have to buy adult diapers before long.