Friday, May 9, 2008

Passing of the torch...

For several years in my family, Lincoln and I were the only couple contributing grand babies. My oldest sister had two kids and then got divorced, ending her baby producing years early. My oldest brother and his wife had a daughter, then suffered years of infertility. My other older brother seemed entirely uninterested in having children. My younger sister has down syndrome and my younger brother was just not at that point in his life yet.
Then, two years ago, my oldest brother adopted a two-year old boy. He came into the family and swept everyone off their feet with his big brown eyes and sweet disposition.

We are so lucky to have him in our family, so lucky his mom decided finally to make a good choice and recognize her inability to give him a secure, loving home. Just like that- a boy cousin that's Devon's age!
Within a couple months of M's arrival, my younger brother and his wife announced that they were expecting their first child. Their son was born six weeks before Jesse.

And now, a little over a year later, my brother Derek has just become a first-time Dad. Turns out, apparently, that being with the right woman makes all the difference in your desire to have children. So once again our family is blessed with the addition of a beautiful baby boy.

I am so happy for them. You can't explain the joy and wonder of being a parent to anyone. It is simply something that must be experienced. I hear it in his voice when I talk to him on the phone and I see it in his eyes when I see pictures of them. I can hardly wait to meet the baby and I must confess that pictures of him make me baby hungry. Don't worry, however, it really is time for us to pass the torch. I'm just glad that Jonathan and Derek are ready to take over now and add some more babies to the mix because I'll miss having a baby around.

In other news, the girls have started soccer. It's actually been a month since they started but the games keep getting rained out. Last night they had practice. It was team photo day so they wore their jerseys. As you may recall from a post a couple months ago, Julia has been very reluctant to play. She doesn't like to do things with people watching. We worked out an agreement with her that she didn't have to play in the games if she didn't want to, but we wanted her to participate in practice. This wasn't really working either. She would go to practice and just sit out, telling her coach she didn't feel well. Last week she didn't practice, just sat. Last night she pitched quite a fit about having to go. She didn't WANT to play soccer. She WANTED to stay home. WHY did she HAVE to go? After much weeping and wailing and plenty of gnashing of teeth she went, in uniform and in cleats and shin guards and everything. I know it's pathetic, but it made me so happy to see my girls suited up in soccer duds!

Oh how I loved playing soccer! And as it turns out, Julia actually participated and LOVED it. She came home so excited! She pulled us outside to watch her kick the ball around and she slept in her uniform last night. (I know, gross, right? But she's only 6.)

We'll see if this actually helps her get over her fear of games. I think that may take another practice or two.

And one last thing- did you notice how green it is here? I haven't published a shot of the great outdoors since spring was in full swing.

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The Blogger said...

That baby is beautiful! I'll bet his father is one handsome cat.