Monday, June 9, 2008

Day One...

For any of you who are following along at home, we survived day one. And it went amazingly well, actually.
We read scriptures together over breakfast, the girls completed their morning To-Do list, we went for a walk, I got a shower, we went shopping, Jesse took a long nap, Julia had a friend over, Kennedy played outside most of the afternoon, I made a yummy dinner, Kennedy went to a birthday party, the girls did their chores and completed their evening To-Do list, and everyone was in bed at close to 8:30 (some a little before, some a little after).

I only had to yell at them once for playing in the hose (again!), once for playing in the car and painting the dashboard with fingernail polish (how do they come up with this stuff!?) and a couple times for sneaking Gummy Worms. Renie peed on the floor once, Jesse is cutting molars, and Devon continues to refuse all food but fruit, bologna, and ham. Julia rode her bike into the curb in an attempt to avoid a collision with Kennedy, resulting in some serious crying, a Not-Visible-To-The-Naked-Eye scrape, and the chain coming off her bike.

So all-in-all, not too bad. We'll chalk it up on the Good Day side.
Now, on to tomorrow.


Virginia Burnett said...

Wow! You only had to yell once?

I only have two and I yell at least twice an hour most days.

Sorry we got cut off yesterday - I'll try to call you back later today. Our phone just died for some wacky reason.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Me, again - it's like I'm stalking you! Your comment the other day about not getting used to a standard of living that requires 2 incomes is spot on. I'm very grateful we started out with barely enough money - it made us develop good habits and kept us from developing a lifestyle that would require us to do things that weren't right for the family.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Finally! I'm commenting on the post itself!

Summer break can be something of an endurance test, can't it?

Elizabeth said...

Are you keeping a chart for the summer? That would be interesting.
Hope today is just wonderful...
you could just get rid of all nail polish...just sayin'
Pax, EJT

Jenn-Lee said...

Congrats! Your attitude is amazing! I miss you Molly. I am sorry to have been such a stranger again. Ill be in touch!